Some of our favorite wedding venues are those that are unique. Take Cradle of Aviation, for example, this aircraft museum provides a one-of-a-kind backdrop and rare location for any aviation lover. 

Cradle of Aviation has real aircraft hanging from the ceiling, an uncommon touch that will have your guests talking about your big day for weeks to come. Imagine your family photos all around the museum with vintage planes galore. Your bridal party pictures could be in their futuristic gallery. You will cherish these special moments for the rest of your lives. 

Their Atrium has four-story-high glass ceilings so your guests can dance under the stars and suspended planes. Or have your party during the day and let the natural light beam down on you and your husband as you enter the room for the first time as a married couple. 




cradle of aviation

In addition to The Atrium, Cradle of Aviation has 5 other rooms for a gathering. Red Planet Cafe is referred to as a “futuristic Mars space station, circa 2040” with a red aesthetic glow. There are murals all along the walls and seats up to 250 people. If it were our wedding, we would use this as a cocktail room before moving into The Atrium. 

Some of the other rooms include The Space Gallery, an exhibit filled with historical memorabilia, Lunar Landing, a small room with LM-13, one of three lunar models on Earth, and Hangar Two, with real vintage planes around the room. 

With a location like this, there are so many fun photo opportunities. We love roaming around with the bride and groom taking such natural looking photos with great backdrops. And since we use two photographers were sure not to miss any angles! 

Want to see more about Cradle of Aviation? Check out our blog on Sam’s bar mitzvah! 

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