Light & Airy
Engagement Photography

Properly planning your light and airy session is important. The location and time of day help achieve this light and airy look.  Locations that offer plenty natural light such as the beach or open fields are ideal for a light and airy engagement session. 

Light & Airy engagement photography

Light and airy engagement photos are not only photographed but also edited in a bright, soft, pastel like finish. The use of flat lighting and low contrast results in a soft flattering image. With this style flashes are not often used unless it simulates natural light. Bright blown out skies are seen most of the time in this style of shooting. In contrast to light and airy is our Dynamic Style or as others would call it "flash photography or dark and moody" where we take full control over the scene regardless of ambient lighting conditions. 

There are specific guidelines we follow as photographers and editors when capturing and editing light and airy engagement sessions.  Letting us know your style preference prior to the session is important so that we can follow these guidelines.

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