Larkfield Manor

EXO Photography Jackie and Anthony couldn’t wait for their big day to come. To commit to each other for the rest of their lives and then dance with each other on the Larkfield dance floor. It sounded like a dream! Until that dream came true and surpassed their expectations.  The bride and groom met, technically, […]

EXO Photography Getting married to your best friend surrounded by all your other best friends. Isn’t that the dream? Well, Jerelyn and Christopher’s dreams came true as they said “I do” at Larkfield in July.  We definitely wish we were part of this bridal party! Jerelyn and her bridesmaids celebrated even before the party began. […]

EXO Photography In 2010, what seemed like a normal date with mom for lunch turned into something much more. After meeting earlier in 2010, Nicole and Chris had been dating for not even a whole year. That Christmas, when Nicole came home from college for the holidays, she went to eat lunch with her mom […]

EXO Photography “It feels like everything in our lives has brought us to this day.” A wedding is a celebration of two lives combining to make a single life together that will last forever. It’s easy to get swept up in the lights, the smiles, and the decorations on your special day, but it’s becoming more […]

EXO Photography If Melinda and Anthony could relive just one part of their Larkfield Manor wedding, they would choose the ceremony, hands down.  The two met their freshman year of college in English class. It was their second semester at Nassau Community College and the two got to talking which eventually lead to some dates. […]