Central Park

EXO Photography If it isn’t already obvious, we love so many of the locations where we get to shoot couples. Needless to say, a Central Park engagement shoot is still one of our very favorites and this session with Michelle and Steven added yet another stunning shoot is this amazing space. Dressed in classic black, […]

EXO Photography Fall engagement sessions are easily one of our favorite times of the year to photograph our couples in both fall wedding and engagement sessions. We actually photographed Jenny and Michael’s wedding last year and they purchased an engagement session to capture their love a year later. We had a great time with them, […]

EXO Photography Love was in the cold winter air when we took to Central Park for Brian and Briana’s engagement session. As the two strolled around the grounds, we tagged along to capture some unforgettable moments.  For these pictures that last a lifetime, we suggest wearing a timeless outfit. Briana definitely got the memo as […]

EXO Photography In a place that sees nearly 40 billion people visit per year, these two made it feel like they were the only ones there. Justin and Daina are a stunning couple as it is and they chose such a great location to capture their beauty as a couple and the beauty of a […]

EXO Photography You could feel the sense of excitement and pre-wedding jitters in the air as Christine and John posed for their engagement photos in Central Park. Taking these pictures meant the wedding was in the coming months, making everything feel a little more real.  Christine even dressed the part as she wore a short, […]