Coindre Hall

EXO Photography The elegance of Coindre Hall speaks for itself. It’s a castle complete with red accents, a spiral staircase, and a courtyard fit for a royal couple. However, when Lauren and Stephen decorated the venue for their wedding day, it added a personal touch that one can only associate with these two beautiful people.  […]

EXO Photography If the term “magical” could be used outside of fairytales then this day was magical. There is often so much stress and worry when it comes to planning a wedding that it can really take away from the real and genuine magnitude of the day. This was not the case for Patrice and […]

EXO Photography Though originally getting off to a rough start when they met, Patrice and Chris’ wedding at Coindre Hall was anything but that! The two spent their day surrounded by those they love most, and most importantly, their new life partner.  Check out their wedding video below to see some incredible footage from their […]