Chateau Briand

EXO Photography Before their Gatsby-themed wedding at Chateau Briand, Leigh and Nicholas met working at Starbucks. The two quickly fell for one another, and eventually moved in together.  One morning, after a nail appointment (good one Nick!), Leigh returned to her apartment to find rose petals and candles. In the middle of a heart made […]

EXO Photography You know what they say about, “love at first sight?” Well, those people couldn’t be more wrong. Michael and Jamie have a love story to write about and love at first sight was exactly where their story started. At 17, Jamie was working at an ice cream shop to make money while doubling […]

EXO Photography These two have known each other nearly their whole lives. Sometimes all it takes is a moment, sometimes it takes years to finally see someone for who they are. You can pass a stranger, a friend, or an acquaintance hundreds of times before you see them in their fullest and brightest self and that’s […]

EXO Photography Check out Jackie and Evan’s wedding video! The two made the biggest commitment of their lives as they were married at Chateau Briand. Filled with lots of red (the color of love!) the two put together a beautiful day. It was so amazing to watch these two families combine into one!  Congratulations to […]

EXO Photography On January 11, 2015, Jackie and Evan made the biggest commitment of their lives. They said “I do” and became husband and wife at Chateau Briand.  The bride and groom had their first date in 2007. Six years, Evan asked Jackie to be his wife. Now, two years later, the day is finally […]