The Loft at Bridgeview

EXO Photography Hey there, fellow love enthusiasts! At our cozy little photography studio, we’re always on the lookout for those heartwarming love stories that make our cameras click with joy. And let me tell you, the recent wedding at The Loft by Bridgeview had us grinning from ear to ear! So, picture this: Ross and […]

EXO Photography We are obsessed with Antoinette and Bryon’s wedding at The Loft! After a spectacular church ceremony, the newlyweds partied the night way on the dance floor and celebrated their love at the reception. We are so happy we got to spend this special day with them! The adorable couple added some special things […]

EXO Photography The exciting thing about a wedding is that it is just the beginning. The beginning of a new adventure, taking on life as a team. Take Dianna and Marc for example. Their wedding at The Loft by Bridgeview was an impeccable start to an unbelievable journey.  Dianna and Marc planned a simple, classic, […]

EXO Photography This is no false alarm! Allison and John’s beautiful wedding at The Loft at Bridgeview was rustic and romantic, just as they planned! Watch John get teary-eyed while his bride walks down the aisle toward him, careful though, you may tear up too! See all Allison and John did to make this wedding […]

EXO Photography Rustic and romantic were Allison and John’s plans for their wedding at The Loft at Bridgeview Yacht Club, and it is exactly what it panned out to be. Filled with dancing, love, and good food, this country loving couple had the wedding of their dreams! Allison and John met at a bar in […]