Woodside Club

EXO Photography As wedding photographers, we have the privilege of witnessing love stories unfold through our lens, capturing moments that tell the beautiful tale of two souls intertwining. Recently, we had the honor of documenting the love story of Marcia and Tom, a couple whose journey to matrimony is as enchanting as the picturesque setting […]

EXO Photography We are absolutely in love with Deirdre and Pete’s wedding! Their vision of a classic, romantic celebration finally came to light at the Woodside Club in Syosset, New York, where they got to spend a gorgeous September day with their family and friends. What more could you want when celebrating your love and […]

EXO Photography Dierdre and Pete could not have asked for a better day for their engagement shoot! It wasn’t too hot, the pool at Woodside Club looked fantastic, and the natural lighting was practically made for them!  This couple knew exactly where they wanted their shoot and had the perfect outfits planned. Dierdre wore a […]