Alexa + Michael’s Romantic Muttontown Club Long Island Wedding

Alexa Peikon and Mike O’Rourke’s Long Island Muttontown Club Wedding

Bride and groom outside kissing by a tree.

How it all began.

Our beautiful couple met at a rooftop bar in Manhattan. After an intimate night out at their favorite Brooklyn restaurant, in their apartment, Michael popped the question.

Like most 2020 brides, the road to their final wedding date was a bumpy one. Originally set for October 2020 the newly engaged couple then postponed for the following April. However, after much deliberation they decided to scrap the original plan and downsize. Suddenly they quickly had to find a new date and venue. The couple decided any Saturday in May would do, little did they know, this was not just any Saturday. They came to learn that the date they booked was also the date of Mike’s late grandparents’ wedding anniversary. “It was really meaningful that this random wedding date that got picked for us ended up having a special family connection.” The couple got married on Long Island at The Muttontown Club in late May.

Bride and groom holding hands on field.
Bride and groom outside smiling.
Bride and groom outside kissing under a tree.

Not your average bride and groom!

Individuality was a MAJOR priority for these two! The couple wanted their wedding to feel unique to them, opting for as many personalized elements as possible. They chose their brother-in-law to officiate the ceremony. Another very important aspect to them was music, they spent endless hours perfecting a pre-wedding/ cocktail hour playlist. Aiming for a less generic wedding feel, they set the party off in a truly unique-to-them manner by entering the reception to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit followed by a first dance to “Radio” by Lana Del Rey.

Bride and groom outside building holding flowers.
Bride and groom outside kissing on grass.

The bride and groom’s vision of their dream wedding day was very clear. Right after their engagement Mike was shopping for a suit for his sister’s wedding and he saw the jacket. He wanted something unique and immediately knew a burgundy tuxedo jacket was the wedding look for him! Alexa was equally as lucky at the Bridal Salon of Manhasset. You might find this hard to believe but our bride purchased the FIRST dress she tried on! She had her heart set on a specific Monique Lhuillier dress and what a gorgeous choice it was. 

Bride holding bouquet outside.
Bride and groom looking out a window.
Mother of the bride zips the bride's dress. The bride's jewelry.
The brides shoes.
The wedding bands and engagement ring.
The groom is getting dressed.
Groom outside waiting for the bride.

Celebrating with friends and family meant the absolute world to Alexa and Michael. “We hadn’t seen most of our friends in over a year because of the pandemic and it felt really amazing to have all of these people come together to celebrate us and our wedding day.”

Family members dancing at the wedding.
Father of the bride gives his speech while smiling.

Can you say edgy? 

Alexa and Mike wanted to keep the special elements they had envisioned for their first venue. For flowers they wanted something different, organic and, naturally, far from traditional. We’d say mission accomplished! The bride and groom wanted black table cloths, tons of candles and purple uplighting creating that moody romantic atmosphere. Love, love, love!

Wedding table decor and the couple dancing.
Wedding seating assignments display.

Due to the pandemic, Alexa and Mike couldn’t have the autumnal wedding that they had dreamed of, however,  that did not stop them from bringing their dark personal style to every element of their big day. Personalizing their wedding was of the utmost importance to them. The DJ company they used is owned by a friend who also created a bespoke Game of Thrones wall light displaying the couple’s last name. Their color palette was filled with burgundy tones (originally a fall wedding) because they wanted a romantic and moody aesthetic.

Groom lifted up and dancing.
Bride and groom cut the cake and kiss.

A bit of advice from the couple: don’t sweat the little things. 

“When we first began planning before the pandemic we had so many tiny details that we cared so much about. But after planning 3 weddings we realized what was important and that micromanaging and stressing was not worth it. The most important aspect of our day was that we were present and enjoyed every minute of the actual day.” 

They mean it, too. The bride and groom didn’t see the venue until two weeks before the wedding! In fact, Mike didn’t see it until the day of! 

Groom see's the bride for the first time.
Bride and groom under tree.

Our bride Alexa advises future brides to not focus on anything that doesn’t go as planned on the big day. As she says: “During your wedding day just take a step back from the dance floor and look out at all the people who showed up to celebrate your marriage.” Alexa and Mike, thank you for being living proof that nothing- not even a pandemic- can get in the way of your wedding day being unapologetically you.

Bride and groom's first kiss.

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Wedding Venue: The Muttontown Club

Dress: Wedding Salon of Manhasset

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