Avalon Nature Preserve: Tara and Thomas

It all started in 2012. The first interaction between these two was less than memorable. Mid-workout at a local gym, Tara noticed Tom, but Tom was too focused on his workout to give her any notice.

Just a few short months later, though, Tara ran into the guy at the gym yet again. This time, she was introduced to him by her brother while they were attending a concert. A strange coincidence that these two would cross paths again was all it took. Becoming friends and getting closer and closer proceeded over the next year or so when they finally decided they wanted to be in a relationship.

Years later, in August of 2016, Tara was about to have her birthday. Her first hint was when Tom wanted to invite friends and family, many of them, to this birthday party but Tara didn’t want to seem rude so she obliged to make her birthday a real party. Turns out, over 50 friends and family members came to her birthday party and needless to say this wasn’t like any birthday party she had ever- or will ever have again.

Tara was surprised by how many people showed up and feeling shocked, Tom came into the room with a cake. But this cake did not read “Happy Birthday” at all. The cake said, “Tara, will you marry me?” He gently placed the cake on the table and got down on one knee to ask the most important question. Of course, it was a yes!

Since their engagement, they have been planning and working hard to find just the right spot to have their engagement pictures. They chose the beautiful Avalon Park in Stony Brook because this time of year shows off amazing fall colors, but not only that, this happened to be one of the first places where Tara and Tom went on a date together.

This couple was stunning. Their outfits went perfectly with the foliage of the park and they were a blast to work with. The weather was great for the shoot and timing could not have been better! Hardly ten minutes after shooting the rain started coming down.

It was fun to meet Tom and Tara and ease them into being in front of a camera and they did a great job. We are excited to see their wedding coming up and were honored to capture their Avalon Nature Reserve engagement session.

couple on a stump at Avalon Nature Reserve couple standing by fence during Avalon Nature Reserve engagement session close up of couple during Avalon Nature Reserve fall engagement session tom and tara standing near fence in Avalon Park in Stony Brook couple by water at Avalon Nature Reserve engagement session tom and tara holding each other at avalon park engagement session


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