The Bay House: Antonia and Joseph

They were named “the flirties” by their high school forensic teacher, after falling in love during their senior year of high school. Antonia and Joseph dated for eight years, following their graduation from high school.
The proposal was straight out of a romantic movie that makes you believe in true love. Antonia and Joseph often enjoyed romantic dinners on the beach. On the last day of Antonia graduate school exams, Joseph drove Antonia to the beach and to their boat. He told Antonia to drive the boat – he gave her what was suppose to be the “key” on a little buoy chain… but it wasn’t the key, it was the ring! Joseph immediately got on one knee and asked her to marry him. In the meantime, a sailboat was waiting for them with a banner that said: “Will you marry me?” They spent the rest of the evening sailing around the Long Island Sound.
After learning about the proposal we decided to have an engagement session on their boat, but little did we know that we would stop at “The Bay House” and capture an amazing session that involved everything from their proposal. The boat, the water, and the gorgeous sunset.

couple on boat at sunset antonia and joseph walking on beach couple sitting on boat in bay antonia and joseph holding hands on dock couple photographed between fence couple standing on the dock by the water antonia and josephy sitting on boat couple holding each other at sunset joseph lifting antonia up on dock distant photo of couple on dock photo of couple kissing in sunset joseph kissing antonia on deck by water dramatic kiss with antonia and joseph on the dock of the bay antonia and joseph standing in boat


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