Best Time to Schedule Your Engagement Session

You’re engaged!

Congratulations! This is a very exciting time for you and your significant other and we are so ready to help you in every step of your future together.

One of the first things to do on your checklist is to schedule your engagement session. How do you go about deciding when and how to plan your engagement session in the first place?

Using Your Images:

The first question to ask yourself is what you plan to do with the images? Depending on the timeline, you might need these sooner for save the dates or invitations. Planning your session sooner rather than later is almost always better when knowing you are going to use these images in the future for the wedding planning.

The images can be used for a number of things after they are taken and you want to ensure that you give your photographer enough time so you can have them printed and made into invites, save-the-dates, or other documents that will help with the wedding planning. 

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Seasonal Preferences:

This is a fun choice to make with your future husband or wife to be when you choose what season you want to schedule your session. There is something special about each season and there are a lot of meanings for each couple for a particular season. No matter the reasons behind the season, it’s good to have the conversation and plan the perfect season for your shoot.

Plus, planning in advance will secure a spot during the prime time of that season so you can get the fall colors, but not the fall temperatures for example. This planning ahead helps lock down a date, the locations, and the photo ideas you might have so you can ensure that your session goes smoothly.

Wedding Timeline:

This is potentially the most important factor in planning the best time to schedule your engagement session. Depending on the timing for your wedding you will need to be careful about when to schedule the engagement session. 

This means that contacting your photographer in advance will secure a time and place during the season you want, it will give the photographer ample time to edit images and help you create the documents for the wedding, and will also remove some stress of pressing time for the images to be completed before the wedding. The last thing you and your photographer want is to be rushed and stressed about creating the best images possible in preparation for your big day.

Using these three ideas to help plan and coordinate your engagement pictures will eliminate stress and help create a smooth flowing timeline of events leading up to the most special day of your life as a couple. Your engagement session is special for a number of reasons so you want the planning process to be stress-free and easy. Use these three tips to work together with your significant other to decide when the best time to schedule your engagement session is.

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