Caumsett State Park Engagement: Alexa & Sean

Talk about a cute couple! Alexa and Sean’s sunset engagement shoot at Caumsett State Park was so much fun, and beautiful all the same.

As the couple roamed around Caumsett State Park at sunset, we snapped some awesome pictures of them. The gorgeous fall colored leaves created the perfect backdrop and the old buildings created a rustic ambiance.

couple in the leaves at night at Caumsett State Park
soon-to-be-groom holding his soon-to-be-bride

The couple wore two different outfits for their shoot, something a lot of couples choose to do. It allows for the pictures to have a bit of a difference, especially for those people who use them at their wedding.

Alexa’s first outfit was a white long sleeve lace shirt with blue jeans and tan booties. She later changed to a red dress and nude heels. Both outfits matched perfectly with the natural background. Sean wore a navy, red, and white plaid shirt with blue jeans and brown shoes. He changed into a long sleeve light blue button up but kept the same jeans and shoes. He matched very well with Alexa. When a couple matches so well it makes the photos look fantastic!

woman sitting on fence with her fiance by her at Caumsett State Park
couple kissing in the dark at Caumsett State Park
soon-to-be-groom holding his soon-to-be-wife at Caumsett State Park
beautiful couple standing in Caumsett State Park

Congrats on your engagement! The Caumsett State Park shoot went so well! We are looking forward to the wedding!

couple standing in front of rustic building at Caumsett State Park
couple kissing against the fence
couple standing by the building at night with the light on them
couple kissing in Caumsett State Park

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