Chat Noir: Necol’s Bridal Shower

There’s nothing like a bridal shower to get that wedding blood pumping. It helps get not only the bride and groom excited but all their close family and friends as well! Necol and her friends and family planned a tea party bridal shower at Chat Noir that certainly got everyone eager for the big day. 

This tea party was absolutely adorable! There was a wall set up with hanging teacups, all with different designs and colors. “Enjoy a cup of tea with the future Mrs. Scaramuzzi” was written along the top of the wall. Tied to the handle of each cup was a tag that said “love is brewing” and a tea bag inside that said the same thing. It took some pretty great friends and family to put together such a well-organized, detail-oriented tea party bridal shower for Necol! 

tea party bridal shower inspo at Chat Noir
teacups hanging on the wall
teacup hanging on the wall at Chat Noir
teacup with love sign at Chat Noir
yellow teacup with "love" brewing
teapot vase at Chat Noir

During the fun-filled party at Chat Noir, guests sipped on some tea and took a bunch of pictures! They even brought along props like a giant frame that said “Necol’s Bridal Shower” with the date below it. 

All of Necol’s guests had the chance to play a few games too! There was a customized game of Jenga with Necol and her fiance, Matthew’s names on it as well as the date of their wedding. Everyone could take a marker and write them a note on the pieces. There were also cards passed out so guests could “guess the dress!” They sketched what they believed Necol’s wedding dress would look like. However, they will have to wait until the big day to see if their predictions were correct. 

Yet, the most fun portion of the day was the relationship game Necol and Matthew played! They were asked a series of questions and had to pick who they thought best fit. If it was Necol, they would hold up her shoe. If it was Matthew, they would hold up his shoe. It left everyone holding their stomachs in laughter! 

parents posing with the props
polaroid pictures at Chat Noir
personalized jenga game at Chat Noir
guess that dress game at the bridal shower at Chat Noir
bride and friend at Chat Noir
bride and groom at the bridal shower
bride and groom playing relationship test game at Chat Noir
donut wall for dessert

For dessert, Necol’s guests enjoyed a delicious donut wall! A dessert wall is the perfect way to spice up something simple. Plus, it makes for some awesome Instagram content! 

We had such a great time at Necol’s tea party bridal shower at Chat Noir! Looking forward to the wedding in November! 

Venue: Chat Noir

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