Coindre Hall Wedding: Lauren & Stephen

The elegance of Coindre Hall speaks for itself. It’s a castle complete with red accents, a spiral staircase, and a courtyard fit for a royal couple. However, when Lauren and Stephen decorated the venue for their wedding day, it added a personal touch that one can only associate with these two beautiful people. 

Lauren and Stephen’s big day began separately. As they say, it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding day, so they each got ready alongside their closest friends in their designated suites. 

wedding invitation
wedding bands and engagement rings
bride holding her rings
bride getting help with her dress
groom awaiting his big day

Once they were prepped and ready to make the commitment of a lifetime, they headed to the outdoor space at Coindre Hall for their ceremony.

As the bride and groom shared touching vows, they, along with everyone else, held back tears. Their evident love is truly inspiring. What was even more special was that their friend officiated the wedding. It’s personal touches like these that really add the cherry on top and set your wedding apart from any others. They finished off the ceremony by exchanging wedding bands and of course, kissing the bride! 

bride putting ring on groom's finger during ceremony outside Coindre Hall
bride reading her vows outside Coindre Hall
bride and groom leaving the ceremony

Now that they were husband and wife, we simply had to get some extra special photos. It’s these photos that you will cherish for a lifetime, hanging them from the walls in your home or keeping them in a photobook to share with any visitors. 

We grabbed the newlyweds during the cocktail hour and had them pose throughout the stunning venue. We like to mix it up with a few natural photos and a few posed photos. Their bridal party joined in for some of them, too! What’s the point of celebrating if it isn’t alongside your best friends?

bride walking down the stairs at Coindre Hall
bride and groom kissing below the stairwell at Coindre Hall
bride and groom alone in the courtyard at Coindre Hall
bride and groom kissing in front of their bridal party outside Coindre Hall
bride and bridesmaids outside Coindre Hall

After the photos were taken, Lauren, Stephen, and all their guests made their way to the ballroom at Coindre Hall. Everyone crowded the dance floor as the bride and groom made their debut as a married couple. 

As you can assume from the photos, every guest had the best time. However, the bride and groom really took the cake (no pun intended!). In fact, they were dancing the whole night through and could not stop themselves from smiling. 

A lot of couples forget to actually enjoy their day because they are too concerned with the details. So, it was awesome to see these two actually enjoying what they put together. 

Congratulations, Lauren and Stephen! May your lives be filled with love and happiness! 

floral arrangement
bride and groom having a blast at the reception
bride and groom kissing during their reception at Coindre Hall
bride dancing at the reception at Coindre Hall
bride and groom kissing outside Coindre Hall at night

Venue: Coindre Hall 

Cake: Rolling Pin Bakery 

Florist: Village Florist & Events 

Transportation: Mark of Elegance 

Music: Absolute Entertainment

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