Crescent Beach Club Wedding: Valerie & John

We all know the term high school sweethearts, but Valerie and John take it one step further. These middle school sweethearts have been together since they were twelve and now, are standing at the altar at Crescent Beach Club vowing to love one another for the rest of their lives. 

Valerie and John met in 8th-grade Spanish class at Sayville Middle School. John asked Valerie for her number in the hallway and the rest is history. They dated all through high school and college, growing up side by side. 

Every year throughout college, Valerie and John would go to Montauk, their favorite place in the world, to get away. It became their place as they created memory after memory there. 

In July 2019, the couple booked their annual getaway. John made reservations for their first night at Valerie’s favorite restaurant, Gurneys. Before their reservation, the couple drove down to Gurneys and walked along the beach. As they turned to the right, all Valerie could see was a huge heart in the sand with rose petals and candles. John turned to Valerie, got down on one knee, and asked her to be his wife. 

“My whole heart, as corny as it sounds, literally melted. It was just us in the moment that I wanted to last forever. He then took the ring out and my heart nearly stopped being the most beautiful ring I could only dream of. It truly signifies how beautiful our love story is and how two kids falling in love and growing together and how special that it.” 

bride's wedding dress hanging at Crescent Beach Club
bride's stunning engagement ring
bride reading a letter before her wedding at Crescent Beach Club
bride and ger bridesmaids getting ready for the big day
groom all ready for his big day

Prior to their wedding at Crescent Beach Club, Valerie and John could not wait to see one another for the first time walking down the aisle. While that did end up being a special moment, listening to each other’s vows that they wrote may have taken the cake. They were both personal and filled with love, it brought tears to everyone’s eyes. 

The bride and groom added so many personal touches to their big day at Crescent Beach Club, truly making it unique to them. For starters, both of their looks were custom made. Valerie’s wedding gown was designed by Essense of Australia and her headpiece was custom made by Christie Lauren. To take it one step further, she designed a custom cathedral veil with Swarovski crystals. As for John, he always wanted to wear blue on their wedding day. So, he donned a custom blue tuxedo with black lapels from Men’s Wearhouse

Before their day officially began, Valerie’s mom gave her the most special gift. She had her engagement ring made into a necklace for Valerie to wear. On the back hung a blue stone. It embodied something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue all in one.  

The aforementioned special touches don’t even scratch the surface of all they did on their wedding day. They had a sand ceremony, their minister was a close family friend, John sang to Valerie during the reception, they choreographed their own first dance, Valerie’s twin brother and John’s best man made an incredible speech. It just kept getting better and better! 

bride and groom smiling on the beach at Crescent Beach Club
bride and groom standing by the water at Crescent Beach Club
groom holding his bride on the beach at Crescent Beach Club

Valerie and John’s wedding at Crescent Beach Club was any bride and groom’s dream. The day was an absolute fairytale filled with love in every corner. Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs.! We wish you a lifetime of love and laughter!

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