Gantry Park: Destiny & Roger’s Engagement

We are so happy to be celebrating Destiny and Roger’s engagement with a Gantry Park engagement session! This adorable couple met working at a supermarket as teenagers and were friends ever since. While they did not start dating until college, Roger always knew him and Destiny were meant to be. They have been together for 10 years and are so excited to continue their lives together!

Gantry Park engagement session fall photos
fall Gantry Park engagement session
candid photo at Gantry Park engagement session

Destiny and Roger selected Gantry Park for their engagement shoot because they wanted the city skyline in the photos. They both grew up in and love the city, so they wanted to incorporate that into their special day. 

The duo wanted this day-to-night shoot to be fall-themed with a touch of Christmas, as well. Destiny and Roger selected this because they wanted to showcase two things they absolutely love: fall in the city and Christmas. Christmas is their favorite holiday and will be their wedding theme, since they will have a December wedding. In fact, their outfits in these photos are a little sneak preview of their wedding colors. We love how much their personalities shined during this shoot. Their ideas are so fun and look beautiful!

Gantry Park engagement session city skyline photo
Gantry Park engagement session creative photo
Gantry Park engagement session wedding sign

Although the Gantry Park has a lot of signs and different angles, there is always room for more decorations. As for props and extras, they selected a sign that says “We Decided On Forever” with their future wedding date: December 30, 2021. They also had a garland to incorporate the Christmas theme.  

Gantry Park engagement session with the couple standing in-front of the Long Island sign
Gantry Park engagement session with a custom sign for the wedding date

Roger popped the question incorporating what this couple loves: New York City! Roger told Nicole they won a contest to be featured in a commercial at Top of the Rock on New Years Eve. Their day started at 5 am, as Roger told Destiny the “shoot” was at 8 am. Once arriving, Destiny knew something was off, since there was no commercial set up and it was a typical, touristy day at the Top of the Rock. Once at the top, Roger said he was going to look for the camera crew. When he arrived back to Destiny, he got down on one knee and popped the question! Destiny was shocked to realize the alleged “camera crew” was actually her Uncle Ramon recording them. They celebrated at a surprise engagement party with friends and family and rang in the New Year as an engaged couple!

Our Gantry Park engagement session ended with the beautiful sign of Pepsi Colas and a little picnic blanket.

Gantry Park engagement session with the couple in-front of the Pepsi cola sign
engagement session at Gantry Park

Congratulations to the happy couple! We are so happy for you both. The best is yet to come and we absolutely cannot wait for your wedding day!

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