Gantry Park Engagement Photos: Monica and Lou

“How does forever sound?”
In a beautiful garden on Labor Day weekend, Monica found herself hearing the question she had been waiting to hear for a while. Lou got down on one knee for the surprise proposal after an eventful morning reliving Monica’s childhood at the Hello Kitty Café. Only the surprise didn’t stop there. He had a dinner already planned with both of their families at a beautiful Italian restaurant in Floral Park for that very evening.
Monica and Lou had known each other for a while before even dating, much less being engaged. Introduced through mutual friends, Lou had Monica’s phone number for a long time before they actually contacted each other. Monica remembers clearly writing “text me” on a cocktail napkin and sending a picture to him to see if he would finally make the move.
Shortly after, their first date was at the Vanguard Wine Bar in Murray Hill where they visit every year on their anniversary. Knowing each other for so long makes their connection that much stronger. Taking their photos seemed so natural to them as we made our way around Gantry Park together.
These two make a beautiful couple and no matter where the scene of the photo was, they were too busy holding each other and laughing together to worry about the background. As it turns out, every photo was incredible and showed the variety of the park and the dimensions of Lou and Monica’s relationship.
We can’t wait to see where else their love story will lead in the future.
couple on railing near Gantry Park evening shot of couple near Gantry Park monica and lou kissing near Gantry Park silhouette shot of couple kissing with nighttime skyline black and white image of couple near Gantry Park black and white image of couple near water by Gantry Park sunset shot of couple kissing on boardwalk monica and lou in front of pepsi cola sign near Gantry Park couple sitting on ledge near Gantry Park monica and lou kissing on boardwalk for their Gantry Park engagement session couple kissing in the trees near Gantry Park

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