Harbor Club at Prime Surprise Proposal: Sarah & Chris

When Sarah woke up on the morning of July 19th, she had no idea it was about to be the best day of her life. All she knew, was that she was meeting her parents for dinner at Harbor Club at Prime. 

Sarah and Chris met in 2009 when Chris’s family moved to Long Island. They first laid eyes on each other in church. From then on in, they were the best of friends. The two were inseparable, the type of inseparable that, if you couldn’t find Chris, look for Sarah and if you couldn’t find Sarah, look for Chris. In September 2015, they started dating. 

Which brings us to July 19, 2020. Sarah was under the impression that she going to have a nice dinner with her family and Chris at the Harbor Club at Prime. She was told to dress nicely so she put on a beautiful white dress and a pair of heels. 

couple holding one another on the water at Harbor Club at Prime
couple looking out over the water
couple smiling with their dog at Harbor Club at Prime

A little before Chris and Sarah were supposed to meet up with everyone, they spent some time at their favorite hangout spot by the water. After, they drove over to Harbor Club at Prime where they planned to meet Sarah’s parents. However, Sarah’s parents texted her that they were going to be late. So, Chris suggested they take a walk down by the water until they arrived. As they walked along the water, Chris grabbed Sarah’s hand and led her to a path with a giant white sign saying “marry me.” Chris got down on one knee and asked Sarah to spend forever with him. Of course, she said yes! 

Yet, that was only the first surprise. Little did Sarah know, all their closest friends and family were watching from the balcony. Chris had organized an entire party to celebrate their engagement! 

couple smiling together at Harbor Club at Prime
couple showing off their rings
sign for engagement party

Congratulations to the newly engaged! We are so glad we had the opportunity to photograph such a special moment in your lives! We wish you all the best!

Venue: Harbor Club at Prime

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