Life is built on moments, usually small and seemingly insignificant moments, that all add up to something that turns monumental.

A simple glance, a casual conversation are all it takes to spark a special moment in two people. Katie and Sean fell into a situation that allowed them the start they needed to begin their journey in love together.

From a normal morning brunch with friends, Sean was brave enough to approach her and start chatting and history is still being made. It’s the scariest conversation to start in hopes that it never really ends. Immediately interested in Sean, Katie hung out with him the rest of the day and planned their first date for the next evening.

Sean picked up Katie after getting home from work and told her they would “go get dinner.”  A normal evening quickly changed directions when Sean stopped on their way to the restaurant at a park that is very special to Katie’s family. A place filled with memories for Katie, this park was the place where a tree was planted in memory of her father’s passing. Sean knew this place was very meaningful to her and wanted to incorporate her father’s memory into the plans he had for Katie. 

They approached the tree commemorating her father and Sean got down on one knee. 

It was a definite yes and the two returned to their home where both of their families were waiting to celebrate. 

They have an amazing engagement story and we know that this couple has a lot more life in them that they will enjoy together. They had their engagement photos taken on Long Beach which is right outside the apartment they live in. They were also excited to have a few shots taken in their rival jerseys. An ongoing “fight” these two have between the Yankees and the Mets was a fun way to show off their personalities and get them really laughing. 

We are so excited to capture their wedding and watch them grow together as a couple in the future and we were honored to get to know them and hear their story. We had a blast taking their pictures and were more than happy to be their chosen Long Island engagement photographers. 

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