Mansion at Oyster Bay Rehearsal Dinner: Carli & Andrew

Now that weddings are finally back, that means that rehearsal dinners are back too! There is nothing like getting amped up for your big day than an intimate dinner with your closest family and friends the evening before. Carli and Andrew did just that at The Mansion at Oyster Bay a few weeks ago! 

It feels like just yesterday when we were walking around downtown Manhattan with the bride and groom to be taking their engagement photos. Now, a year (and a pandemic) later, their big day is finally upon us! Carli and Andrew celebrated the eve of their wedding with an intimate rehearsal dinner at The Mansion at Oyster Bay. Only their closest confidants were there, reveling in the love these two have for one another. 

The bride and groom listened as their guests made speeches and raised a toast. The admiration everyone felt for Carli and Andrew was palpable. 

rehearsal dinner menu at the Mansion at Oyster Bay
table setting at rehearsal dinner
guests giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner at the Mansion at Oyster Bay
bride and groom giving a toast at the Mansion at Oyster Bay
parents listening to the toast

Being that we were at the beautiful Mansion at Oyster Bay, we could not miss an opportunity to take some photos of the couple. Carli, of course, looked stunning in her halter top white dress. It tied in the back giving an extra flair to the outfit. Andrew stood out in his tan pants, blue polka dot shirt, and navy blue blazer. They could not have looked classier if they tried while posing for their rehearsal dinner photos. 

We have been lucky enough to have photographed a lot of weddings at The Mansion at Oyster Bay, so we know a lot of great spots for photos. One of our favorites is the one in the doorway. You can see the couple smiling at each other not only in the doorway but in the reflection of the mirror as well. Take a look at the picture below to see what we are talking about! 

bride and groom standing in the doorway at the Mansion at Oyster Bay
bride looking at her groom at the Mansion at Oyster Bay
bride and groom smiling

We are so glad to be back taking pictures of beautiful couples on the happiest days of their lives! Carli and Andrew are always such a pleasure to work with and we are so glad we had the chance to be a part of their wedding journey!

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