A Harbor Club at Prime Wedding: Miriam & Brendan

This beautiful couple met in their first year of law school at Hofstra. They took nearly every class together but didn’t speak until their second semester while they were preparing for a moot court competition. While walking to the parking lot on the last day of the semester, Brendan worked up the courage to ask Miriam on a date. Miriam accepted the invitation to what she believed was a friendly hang out, little did she know it would change the course of her entire life. The rest is history and a beautiful start to their story.

Miriam and Brendan had a beautiful Spring wedding at the Harbor Club at Prime in Huntington. The two solidified the start to the rest of their lives together at their ceremony held right on the balcony of the Harbor Club overlooking the water. After the touching ceremony, friends and family continued on to enjoy and celebrate the newlyweds at a fantastic cocktail hour, followed by dinner and dancing the night away!

The blushing bride wore a simple elegant white spaghetti strap gown with immense amounts of lace detailing, and the groom a handsome suit with a blue tie complimenting the blues of the water that the Harbor Club’s venue provided spectacular views of in the background. The decor was beach themed and in perfect coordination, with the beautiful space they had available to them.

We were so happy to be able to capture these beautiful moments for Miriam and Brendan, and we wish you both a lifetime of happiness!


Harbor Club Wedding



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