Planting Fields: Andrea & Nick

We are obsessed with Andrea and Nick’s engagement photos from the Planting Fields! The couple looked amazing and we love how they were able to be outside in the gorgeous greenery. We are so happy to celebrate both of you!

Nick popped the question by using a tradition and something they love doing together. Every summer, Andrea and Nick make a trip to Ocean Beach in Fire Island. After eating dinner at one of their favorite spots in June, they went for a beach stroll. Nick got down on one knee and Andrea said “Yes!” They were able to share this private moment in one of their favorite spots: the beach!

kissing near trees
photo behind greenery
greenery in front of building

This adorable couple has known each other since elementary school. They were friendly throughout high school, but the romance did not begin until afterwards. As juniors in college, they ran into each other in the grocery store in their hometown during winter break and started texting that same night. Eventually, Andrea struck up the courage to say they should hang out before they both went back to school. They went on two dates and started dating officially later that summer!

hugging in front of greenery

This duo opted for classic and casual for their engagement shoot outfits. Andrea rocked a white long-sleeve shirt and jeans, which Nick sported a plaid button-down top and jeans. Their causal vibe perfectly matches the outdoorsy scene of the Planting Fields. 

Andrea and Nick selected the Planting Fields for their engagement session because they loved the way the place looks and loved the natural outdoor beauty. It is the perfect place to be on a chill fall day.

We loved getting to know Andrea and Nick during this shoot and could really tell how much they love and care for each other. They said having the engagement shoot was good preparation for their wedding and they could learn more about how it will be on the big day. “Once we got to Planting Fields, we let Josh and Nicole lead the way. We were impressed that they still found new areas to take pictures despite how many shoots they have done there!”

photo in front of brick
sitting on bench

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple! We are so happy for both of you and cannot wait for your wedding day. 

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