Planting Fields Engagement Photos: Christina and Cole

The Planting Fields Arboretum was gleaming with fresh snow from a recent storm and the sun was making things glow in all the right ways.
This incredible wintery scene is where Christina and Cole chosen to have their engagement photos taken. It was a great decision on their part because their pictures turned out incredible! Cole and Christina have such an innocent story of how they met that the dramatic look of the snow on the buildings in the Planting Fields Arboretum added jus the right mix to their sweet love for each other.
These two met at a bar through mutual friends. No, it wasn’t a setup either! Two of their friends were dating and asked each of them to tag along to the Patchogue Bar. They both attended and started up a conversation together. From there, it was history in the making.
This simple innocence carried through into the super sweet proposal Cole did in front of Christina and her family on a quiet Sunday. For these two, family is much more important than a grand proposal. We are so excited for Christina and Cole to tie the knot at Camp Pa-Qua-Tucj.


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