Pugliese Vineyards Engagement: Victoria & Andrew

Victoria and Andrew met at a Cinco de Mayo party seven years ago, never expecting to be dating two years later, and engaged five years after that. But, thank goodness they did because these soulmates were such a pleasure to photograph together at Pugliese Vineyards! 

Their proposal story was not the typical staged engagement. Instead, it was in their bedroom as Victoria was dreadfully getting ready for dinner. She had just gotten back from Andrew’s sister’s bachelorette party in New Orleans and was absolutely exhausted. However, it was their five year anniversary and Andrew was itching to propose at dinner. 

While Victoria was slowly getting ready, Andrew knew he had to get a second wind out of her. And what better way than with a diamond ring and the question of a lifetime? Victoria immediately perked up screaming, “YES!” The two spent the rest of their night celebrating at dinner. 

couple smiling against the wall at Pugliese Vineyards
couple holding hands against the wall at Pugliese Vineyards
couple kissing against the wall at Pugliese Vineyards

From the second we heard that Victoria’s aunt owned the vineyard we would be shooting at, we could not wait for this engagement session! What made it even better was its sentimental value. Victoria’s late father had passed away in 2012. Being very close to him, she wanted to celebrate his life by doing her engagement shoot at the family’s vineyard. Despite the forecast of rain, the skies cleared and the shoot was perfect. 

The couple opted out of using props and did not have much of a plan for their shoot. So, they left it up to us to lead the way at Pugliese Vineyards!

Victoria and Andrew found an engagement shoot very helpful in getting to know us before their big day. “We very much enjoyed the down to earth personalities of both Nicole and Josh who made the photoshoot seamless, even for two non-photogenic people!” 

We had such a great day shooting Victoria and Andrew’s engagement pictures. These lovebirds were so much fun to work with and we really enjoyed getting to know them! Looking forward to the wedding day! 

couple sitting within the vineyards
couple sitting within the vineyards at Pugliese Vineyards
beautiful engagement ring
soon-to-be-groom holding his soon-to-be-bride within the vineyards at Pugliese Vineyards
couple holding one another at Pugliese Vineyards

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