Rockaway Beach Engagement: Nicole & Joseph

On the day of Nicole and Joseph’s engagement shoot in Rockaway Beach, the weather was a bit windy and cold, but the beautiful sunset behind them was well worth it.

The couple met in a pretty standard way, through family, but Joseph’s proposal was anything but that.

Joe is a third generation lifter of the Giglio. This large statue has a full band sitting on top and weighs about three tons. Yes, you read that correctly, THREE TONS. The lift takes place during a large festival that includes a church feast, dating all the way back to Nola, Italy. The Brooklyn Giglio, the one Joe participates in, occurs in July over two weeks where the statue is lifted three times.

Since this is a huge part of Joe’s life, he knew he wanted to propose to Nicole there. So, on July 11, 2018, Joe prepared for two huge events in one day. Knowing that the lift on Wednesday was his soon-to-be fiancée’s favorite lift, he made sure to do it that night.

After Joe carried the statue in front of the church he pretended like he was hurt. So, he went down to the ground where Nicole soon came over. This was when he got onto one knee and asked Nicole to spend the rest of their lives together. She (of course) said yes and the entire crowd started cheering. They announced it from the top of the statue which has never been done before. Even crazier, however, is that it made the news all the way in Italy! With a proposal as great as that, we knew these engagement photos had to be perfect.

The engagement shoot was located at Rockaway Beach as the couple adores the beach and spends as much time there as possible. The two had no specific plans for pictures. Although it was a bit chilly in early spring, the pictures turned out beautifully, especially with the stunning sunset behind them.

Nicole and Joseph found it helpful in getting to know us, the photographers! “We loved Nicole and Josh…We are so happy we chose EXO and know our pictures are going to be amazing!”

We’re so happy they chose us too, and we can’t wait to capture unforgettable moments at their wedding!

Couple posing in front of water
Couple kissing in sunglass reflection at Rockaway Beach
Couple posing on the porch
Couple posing at Rockaway Beach

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