Supporting our brides: Hinchcliffe Jewelry

We had a pleasure capturing Maggie’s wedding at The Pavilion at Sunken Meadow. Since that day we have forged a friendship that supports small business owners and a friendship.

Now it’s time for all of you to learn a little more about this sweet person and her beautiful jewelry. So here is a little note from Maggie!


Hey everyone my name is Maggie Hinchliffe and I am a local Huntington jeweler and designer. I specialize in bespoke bridal from engagement rings, to wedding bands, bridal jewelry, and gifts for anyone in your bridal party.

Today I want to talk about bridesmaids’ gifts. It’s very common to gift jewelry for the big day and my brides are always asking me for advice. I believe sentiment comes first but remember to stay in budget and gift something they will wear again. I’ve been a bridesmaid multiples times and I can’t tell you how many gifts I’ve received that sit in a box. I would always rather be gifted one incredible piece than a slew of items I’ll never near wear again. On that note don’t be afraid to go simple. 

The pieces I sell most for bridal parties are silver or gold-filled for a great price point. My color allure collection is my number one bridal seller because it highlights simplicity with genuine stones. My brides love this look to accent their girls’ dresses. You can make them all match or give them each their own unique piece. Typically, I advise giving earrings or necklaces based on the style of dress because it shows up best in pictures. Most bracelets or rings unfortunately get lost with the bouquet. I got married a year and a half ago and my girls had different dresses in hues of pale pinks, blush, and purple. They each got a dangle earring and color allure necklace to complement their outfit. To me though it was really important to make my maid of honor feel extra special and she got an additional necklace and a different earring set from everyone else. I think when it comes to your big day there are no rules.

glowing bride and groom on the beach at Pavilion at Sunken Meadow

Don’t be afraid to do something different because your wedding day is all about you but also remember that feeling great shows up in everyone’s smiles and attitude for the day. Helping make your bridesmaids feel gorgeous will only make your day that much better and memorable for everyone. For more on bridal jewelry feel free to reach out. 

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