The Mansion at Oyster Bay Wedding Video: Azadeh & Scott

Azadeh walks into her bridal suite at The Mansion at Oyster Bay and looks at the wedding dress she is about to put on. In just a few hours, she will make one of the biggest commitments, if not the biggest commitment of her life. 

Soon, she and her bridesmaids gather to get their hair and makeup done in matching robes. 

Once all glammed up, she walks outside to meet her groom, Scott, for their first look. Scott looks at his bride in awe, wondering how he got so lucky to marry the woman in front of him. 

Before their big ceremony starts at The Mansion at Oyster Bay, Scott and Azadeh sign their ketubah with their closest family members there to witness.

They read their own vows to one another during their ceremony, expressing just how much they love each other, although words could never do it justice. Their family, friends, and loved ones watch as they kiss “I do,” and hold one another tightly.

Officially husband and wife, Azadeh and Scott enter their wedding reception in the ballroom of The Mansion at Oyster Bay, dancing their way to the dance floor and holding hands the entire time. 

The reception goes off without a hitch and the music was so upbeat, it could make anyone want to get up and dance. 

While reading about a wedding is exciting, only pictures or a video could really make you feel like you are experiencing it alongside the bride, groom, and all of their guests. 

Click play on the video below to get those butterflies in your stomach!

This wedding at The Mansion at Oyster Bay was such a great time, people talked about it for weeks. Congratulations, Scott and Azadeh! 

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Venue: The Mansion at Oyster Bay

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