Vanderbilt Museum Engagement Session: Amanda & Stelios

On our top 10 list of favorite things, sunset engagement shoots are pretty high up there. And Amanda and Stelios had a great one at Vanderbilt Museum! 

During golden hour, the newly engaged walked around the grounds of the museum as we captured some beautiful pictures. They posed on the steps, sat in the grass, and kissed in the archway. 

couple sitting on lawn at sunset
couple sitting on grass at sunset at Vanderbilt Museum
couple sitting on lawn outside Vanderbilt Museum
couple sitting in sunset
couple walking down stairs
couple kissing in archway at Vanderbilt Museum

Amanda picked a one-shoulder black evening gown with a slit up the side for the shoot. She styled her hair in an updo to the side. Her fiance, Stelios, donned a light grey suit with a black tie and black shoes. The couple matched impeccably and looked very elegant. 

couple looking out over balcony at Vanderbilt Museum
couple outside Vanderbilt Museum
couple sitting outside on cement wall
couple holding hands walking along Vanderbilt Museum

As day turned to night, we headed over to some other areas on the property for some photos with a blue backlight. They turned out incredible! See for yourself!

couple standing outside Vanderbilt Museum at night
couple kissing in the dark
soon-to-be-groom holding his soon-to-be-bride outside in the dark

Congratulations on your engagement! We had such a blast at the engagement session at Vanderbilt Museum. We are looking forward to your wedding day!

(Psssst….the wedding happened, click here to see it!)

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