What to wear to your Tree Farm Session

How to dress your kids for a successful holiday mini session

The countdown to Christmas has begun and we are so excited for our annual Tree Farm sessions!

This year we are offering four types of sessions: Tree Farm background, Tree Farm and Santa, Tree Farm and Hot Cocoa Stand, or all three! The response has been amazing and we can’t wait to capture all the magic.

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If you haven’t reserved your session head over to our Holiday Mini sessions page to book your session today!

If you have reserved your session its time to plan out your outfits. Our favorite go to shopping site is Amazon. I mean, who can say no to Two Day free shipping?! Plus, with Amazon Wardrobe you can order eight items and try them on before you pay! Ok, enough about amazon and more about what to wear to your Tree Farm session!

  1. BOLD COLORS: Reds, blues, whites, blacks, and creams photograph the best at the Tree Farm. These colors compliment the green backdrop of the Christmas trees. Here are a few of our favorite outfits for children and adults.

2. SHOES: Don’t forget the shoes set the tone. For a Tree Farm sessions we highly recommend boots for the girls and dressy sneakers for the boys. Here are a few of our favorite to give you an idea.

3. ACCESSORIES: Our favorite part. November is a chilly month so we highly recommend bringing jackets that go with the outfit, like the red one featured above. Aside, from jackets bring gloves, hats, scarfs and anything you that will match the outfit and keep them warm. Here are a few of our favorites.

Now that you know what to wear to your Tree Farm session, Happy Shopping! Don’t forget to leave a comment with your outfit ideas and where you found them.

Tree Farm what to wear ideas

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