4 Reasons Every Bride Needs Video Coverage at Her Wedding

Your wedding is, hands down, one of- if not the- most important day of your life. That point is clear to almost everyone. You have tons to plan and match and execute, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. However, because your wedding is so special, it seems obvious that you would do everything you could to preserve the memory as best you can for the entire day, right?

Yes! Now to do that, you might need something more than a photographer. Photographers are incredible at capturing beautiful moments, freezing them in time, and preserving them for you to relive again and again, but what if they could do more?

This is why having a videographer at your wedding is a must. There’s something extraordinary and vivid about watching a video of your special day, and it will give you so much fulfillment for years to come.




1. Missed Moments

If you are the bride and groom, there are also moments you will miss during your own wedding day. You won’t see the other person getting ready, taking shots with the groomsmen or taking their first look in the mirror with the makeup on. You won’t see the family and guests coming down the aisle and filling the seats. While you are talking, eating, and celebrating, the video will capture the fun on the dancefloor, the group shots at the bar, and more.

2. Captures The Mood

The first reason to find a videographer for your wedding is that it helps capture the atmosphere in ways that an image can’t. With a video, you see your guests clapping their hands to the first kiss of husband and wife. You see the groom wipe the tear from his cheek as he sees his bride walk down the aisle. You get to capture the look of pride from the parents in the first row. With video coverage, you can see all the small glances between the couple while they stand and listen during the ceremony. You can see these in full motion.

3. Relive The Day

Another reason why videography should be a must at your wedding is for the future enjoyment. Of course, you can look through images online or flip through the pages of a photo album, but watching a video over and over again is a whole new experience.

You get to sit down together, pull up the film, open it and watch it over and over again and relive those same moments. You can sit together and laugh and the stumble of the groomsmen or shed a tear watching the father make a speech. These are amazing when they are images, but a video takes you back to the very moment.

4. Feel It All Over Again

Wedding videos are some of the most compelling videos. They capture the movement and the motion of the people in a way that cameras can’t. You can feel emotions come back to you as you watch your great-grandmother stand up and congratulate you with shaking hands. You watch children trip and dance on the dance floor; you can relive the moment your father first sees you in your gown.

Those are the precious moments that trigger the same emotions no matter how many times you watch it.


It’s a blissfully happy day but you can see the whole day over from a different perspective and see moments you would normally have missed because you were too busy being a beautiful bride or handsome groom.

The wedding film is such a powerful tool and using it to preserve and make a small movie about your special day is a must for every bride. If you want to capture the mood as the day progresses from anxious, to nervous, to joyful and you want to relive this day well into the future, and you want to feel those emotions all over again, then a cinematographer needs to be on the list for your wedding vendor must-haves.

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