Best Fall Engagement Session Locations

Fall is easily one of our favorite times of year and for good reason. It has dynamic colors, cooler temperatures, and seems to be a favorite of many of our couples.

It’s easy to see why fall is an excellent time for your engagement session but choosing a location can be a bit harder. After being in the business for this many years, we have determined some of the best locations for engagement sessions for the fall season.

1. Planting Fields

Planting Fields is a beauty and a historical treasure. It’s is one of the few remaining Gold Coast estates that still boasts its incredible 409 acres and the same buildings and memorable landscaping.

There are tons of places during the fall season to capture photos at Planting Fields. The ground are full of incredible aged buildings as well as lovely natural scenery from the gardens and greenhouses. It has lovely walking trails, formal gardens to walk through, plenty of open law for relaxed poses, and so much more. Planting fields is easy to get to and lets you get the feel of nature without being too far from home.



2. Caumsett State Park

Speaking of history, Caumsett State Park has quite the story of it’s own. This land area of over 1,700 acres used to be one largest estate holding numerous buildings, sports areas, and hunting grounds and is nestled up next to the beautiful Long Island Sound.

This acreage estate is now a conversation area with miles and miles of walking, hiking, running, and biking trails that span over woodlands, marshes, and open meadows. The parks diversity lends it to be a hotspot for those who love nature. Fishing, hiking, bird watching, and nature photography are some of the best in this location. Because of these features, it also makes every photo a piece of art. Historical buildings, lovely nature scenery and throw in the incredible colors of fall and you have one of our favorite engagement spots.

3. Vanderbilt Museum

Another step back in time takes us in front of the iron gates of the Vanderbilt Museum and Mansion. Though this small 40- acre location might seem smaller than the first two, it has additions to it’s appeal that blow our couples away.

The Vanderbilt Museum is most well-known for the historic appeal of the old buildings and the look of the beautiful mansion. This backdrop provide drama and timelessness to the photos here. The old buildings and the mansion itself are appealing to photograph, but the rest of the 40 acres never disappoints.

The tall, mature trees are changing colors in the fall, but the green grass is so well-kept and maintained that it almost never browns and it all creates stunning colors. There are quaint bridges and hidden intimate spots that will make 40 acres feel like much more.

Vanderbilt museum engagement photos


Each of these locations is close to our heart especially during the fall season. The leaves, the cooler temperatures, and more are just a few reasons why we love the season in the first place. Likewise, the season add something very special to each of these spots. We have been to them many times before and our couples have always been impressed by the images we get at these spots.

If you are ready to schedule and plan your fall engagement session, we are here to help with the planning and to find the best and most beautiful location for you and your significant other.

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