Central Park Fall Engagement Photos: Daina and Justin

In a place that sees nearly 40 billion people visit per year, these two made it feel like they were the only ones there. Justin and Daina are a stunning couple as it is and they chose such a great location to capture their beauty as a couple and the beauty of a city they both love.
There’s a unique intimacy with newly engaged and married couples. It happens once when they get engaged and again when they get married. It’s like they see each other for the first time all over again. These two were no different.
Daina seemed to have a special glow as we walked from place to place in Central Park and they share some particular quirks as a couple that kept making Justin grin fromĀ ear to ear. We took advantage of the various backdrops in the park from old brick and stone buildings to brightly colored leaves, but no matter where we were, Justin and Daina were having a blast.
Couples who have fun and bring their own personality into a session make our jobs so much easier. From their classic stylish black coats to their hilariousĀ socks they so kindly showcased, these two were totally meant to be together.
We were excited, honored, and lucky to have the chance to photograph these two as their chosen Long Island engagement photographers. We are eager to see how their personalities grow together and how much fun the rest of their lives will be as they continue this journey into marriage. Can’t wait for May 20 when they become husband and wife in front of family and friends.
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