Central Park Engagement Session: Brian & Brianna

Love was in the cold winter air when we took to Central Park for Brian and Briana’s engagement session. As the two strolled around the grounds, we tagged along to capture some unforgettable moments. 

For these pictures that last a lifetime, we suggest wearing a timeless outfit. Briana definitely got the memo as she wore a black jumpsuit with cutouts on the side and a pair of black heels. Brian added a bit of color to his ensemble in a burgundy sports jacket, a white button-up, black pants, and black shoes. 

couple kissing on steps in Central Park
couple smiling in Central Park
coupld walking down steps holding hands in Central Park
couple smiling
couple sitting on steps in Central Park
couple kissing as subway passes

Considering it was winter, when Briana started getting cold, she put on a leather jacket with some awesome embroidering on the back. It changed her whole look and created some versatility in the photos. 

couple walking away

When night fell, we headed to one of the buildings in Central Park with incredible tiling. It allowed for a new backdrop that set a bit of a different tone. In fact, it almost looked like we had changed locations entirely! 

man holding his fiancee in Central Park
couple kissing in Central Park

Despite the cold weather, Brian and Briana’s engagement session went really well! We had such a great time and cannot wait for the wedding! Congratulations on your engagement!

(Pssst…their wedding happened, click here to check it out!)

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