EXO Photography Some couples are just meant to be, and fate has a funny way of showing it. So when Carli spotted a cute guy on her train to Montauk and then saw him again that night at the bar, she knew she had to speak to him. Which is how we ended up here, […]

EXO Photography   The Brooklyn Bridge engagement shoot for couple Christina and Michael was a mix of history and romance, just like their relationship.     The couple met working at Target in 2009, after Christina’s older sister passed down her job. Michael and Christina became fast friends. Before Christina went to college, he confessed his […]

EXO Photography Love was in the cold winter air when we took to Central Park for Brian and Briana’s engagement session. As the two strolled around the grounds, we tagged along to capture some unforgettable moments.  For these pictures that last a lifetime, we suggest wearing a timeless outfit. Briana definitely got the memo as […]

EXO Photography You could feel the sense of excitement and pre-wedding jitters in the air as Christine and John posed for their engagement photos in Central Park. Taking these pictures meant the wedding was in the coming months, making everything feel a little more real.  Christine even dressed the part as she wore a short, […]