Downtown Manhattan Engagement Session: Carli & Andrew

Some couples are just meant to be, and fate has a funny way of showing it. So when Carli spotted a cute guy on her train to Montauk and then saw him again that night at the bar, she knew she had to speak to him. Which is how we ended up here, in Downtown Manhattan, for their engagement session! 

After Carli decided to strike up a conversation with Andrew (train guy), they continued talking for the rest of the evening. In fact, they even arranged for plans to meet again. This time, on purpose!

Many more dates later, Andrew decided he was going to propose to Carli. So, on Christmas Day (Carli’s favorite holiday) Andrew pretended like he forgot their nephews’ gift in the car. He asked her to come outside with him to grab it, then got down on one knee. It was here that he asked one of the most important questions a man will ask in his life. Her whole family stopped opening presents and ran outside to celebrate with them! 

couple holding hands in front of graffiti wall in Downtown Manhattan
couple smiling against columns in Downtown Manhattan
couple sitting on steps

The couple chose to do their engagement shoot in Downtown Manhattan. Their wedding is planned to take place in Montauk (rightfully so!) however, they live in Tribeca. They wanted to include all of the special memories they have made Downtown, so they decided this was the perfect place for the session! 

Carli and Andrew had no specific plans for the day other than the general location. The weather ended up being beautiful, so we decided to mosey around the area taking great shots in front of unique locations. 

couple in front of yellow door
couple in Downtown Manhattan
couple kissing in front of flower shop in Downtown Manhattan
couple in front of Roxy in Downtown Manhattan

One thing we always find true with couples is that they enjoy doing an engagement shoot. It helps to get them comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding. Carli and Andrew agreed. “It was great to see how they work together. Also, it will be helpful to see how the photos come out, so we can work through what we do and don’t like, so we know what we should be doing pose and face-wise on our actual wedding day!” 

Congratulations on your engagement! We cannot wait to see how wonderful you both look on your wedding day!

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