On the morning of Kristen and Eric’s Harbor Club at Prime wedding, you could practically hear the wedding bells ringing. The two woke up ecstatic to devote themselves to one another for the rest of their lives.  Kristen got ready in her bridal suite while Eric prepped in his groom’s suite. Kristen had her hair […]

In early October, Ashley and Dominick pledged their love to one another for the rest of their lives in front of all of the people closest to them. Their beach wedding took place at the stunning Oceanbleu.  Ashley and Dominick’s ceremony was absolutely breathtaking. First, Dominick walked down the aisle where he met the officiant. […]

The elegance of Coindre Hall speaks for itself. It’s a castle complete with red accents, a spiral staircase, and a courtyard fit for a royal couple. However, when Lauren and Stephen decorated the venue for their wedding day, it added a personal touch that one can only associate with these two beautiful people.  Lauren and […]

Kim and Dan’s wedding at Harbor Club at Prime went off without a hitch, exactly what every bride and groom hope for! Surrounded by all of their loved ones, they committed themselves to one another. On the morning of their big day, Kim got ready alongside her best friends. In their jean shirts, they set […]

When we took Monika and Joseph’s engagement photos this past spring, we knew their wedding at Bridgeview Yacht Club was going to be special. Not to toot our own horn, but we were totally right! These two exude love and happiness with their contagious smiles and zest for life. We are so overjoyed that they […]

Kimberly and Edward had a vision for their wedding at The Muttontown Country Club, and they implemented it beautifully. Filled with whites and metallics, their day could not have gotten any classier.  This sweet couple met a few years back while Kim was interning at Capital One Bank. In September 2018, Edward was ready to […]

Shanally and Nicholas beamed with happiness throughout their entire wedding day at Harbor Club at Prime. And we certainly don’t blame them! Who wouldn’t want to marry their best friend and soulmate in front of their loved ones? Not to mention, their venue was absolutely breathtaking!  For her fairytale wedding, Shanally picked out a gown […]

About six months ago, we were taking Christine and Corey’s engagement shoot, dreaming about what their wedding day would be like. And just like that, six months flew by! Here we are, at Harbor Club at Prime, lucky enough to be capturing all of their special moments.  These special moments start at the very beginning […]

Love was in the air from the moment Jill and Zach woke up on the morning of their wedding day. The pair slept in separate homes the evening before because as they say, it’s bad luck to see the bride before the big day. And their big day was just hours away at the Willow […]

It’s couples like Kimberly and Donald that confirm that true love is out there. This sweet couples’ wedding at Harbor Club at Prime left their guests in awe. From the venue to the dress to the cake, every detail was planned out perfectly.  Like many other couples, Kimberly and Donald prepared for their big day […]