A Love Story with Water’s Edge Wedding Photos by EXO Photography

The only thing that makes wedding photos and videos more special is learning about a couple’s backstory–how they met, where they had their first date, and when they knew they were in love! And on rare occasions, we’re even treated to a poem about wedding proposals, Greek islands, and drones. So cool!

Today we’re joined by the lovely Ourania. Illustrating Ourania and Nicolas’ wonderful Water’s Edge celebration are some of the photos and videos we shot for their wedding. Ourania, we can’t wait to hear how you and Nicolas met! Spill the tea!

Romantic photo of the bride and groom Water's Edge by EXO Photography in Huntington, Long Island.
Photo of Ourania and Nicolas on the Water’s Edge balcony by EXO Photography & Cinema

O: Nicolas and I met during our freshman year at New York University. Although we were in the same program, our schedules only offered us very brief interactions. Fortunately, we both attended the same summer classes before beginning our sophomore year in 2011.

I know it sounds somewhat cliché, but we actually got to know each other better when Nicolas volunteered to carry my textbooks after class. Turns out we only lived two blocks from each other. Enjoying each other’s company, Nicolas walked me home from then on. Not wanting to say goodbye, we’d talk for hours outside my house.

Water’s Edge wedding photos of the bride’s shoes, gown, bouquet, and getting ready by EXO

EXO: Talk about a love that was meant to be! Doesn’t sound cliché to me, sometimes simple things like holding an umbrella for someone, or carrying their textbooks speak volumes–no pun intended. So, go on–I sense a first kiss should be happening soon.

O: You’re right! One night, Nicolas asked to give me a goodnight kiss on the cheek. His asking made me melt! Something inside my heart told me was the one. Technically, as the kiss was on the cheek, I don’t think it really qualified as our official first kiss. That happened after our first dinner date in Times Square on August 11, 2011. Speaking of official, Nicolas and I have been “official” ever since!

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EXO: Wow, your story is better than most Rom-Coms I’ve seen! Best of all, it’s real!

O: Ha-ha! Everyone comments on how our life paths cross at so many points. Fun facts: Nicolas’ dad and my mom were in the same fourth-grade class. Plus, his dad and I have the same birthday!

EXO: They say people in love often have a lot in common. What are some of the things you and Nicolas love to do?

O: Well, we’re both big foodies and love to travel! We also cherish spending time with family and enjoy playing sports.

Greek wedding celebration Water's Edge wedding photo by EXO
Water's Edge wedding photo of groom and groomsmen smoking cigars by EXO Photography and Cinema

Nothing complements a fine wedding like a fine cigar on the Water’s Edge garden patio!

EXO: I’m sure everyone wants to hear about the wedding proposal!

O: Nicolas proposed to me during a vacation to the island of Zakynthos in Greece. And get this–he even captured the proposal with his drone! The experience moved me to poetry! Here’s the poem I wrote:

Summer 2017 and island-hopping through Greece,

First stop, Zakynthos, and jet-lagged to say the least,

“Babe, I want to capture the sunrise with my drone…” 

 “Okay fine,” I said with a groggy moan.

“It’s your turn to fly it now…”

“Wait, why me? Here we go, time for the drone to drown…”

“You’re doing great, just bring it closer…”

The closer I brought the drone, the clearer it became

He was down on one knee, asking me to take his last name!

Long Island Water’s Edge wedding photo of the bride and groom next to their limo by EXO

EXO: Forget Rom-Coms, this should be a mini-series. As a Long Island wedding photographer, you had me at the word drone! I’m so glad you didn’t “drone the drown!” That made me laugh. Wish I could see that footage!

O: You can! It’s on our love story website, fallingforphilides.com.

EXO: Fan-wedding-tastic! Before we let you go, who are some of your favorite wedding vendors?

O: That’s easy! It’s all about the shoes, the shoes, the shoes (ha-ha), which were from Badgely Mischka. My wedding gown and veil were designed by Sophia Tolli and supplied by The Bridal Salon of Dix Hills. The bridesmaids’ dresses were by Morilee. Our lovely wedding rings were from SVS Fine Jewelry. Shout out to our awesome DJ, Bravosound. And I have to thank my amazing hair stylist, Bridal by Ellie, and my equally amazing makeup artist Marisa. Stationary was by Julie Hanan Designs, Flowers by Towers Flowers Nesconset, Transportation by Camelot Limos, Wedding Cake by Dortoni, Groom’s suit by Alan David, and Groomsmen suits by the Men’s Warehouse. 

EXO: Ourania, it’s been an absolute pleasure. We wish you and Nicolas all the best! Thank you!

O: You’re welcome!

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