Cedar Beach Town Park Elopement: Angela & Michael

Angela and Michael have found their life partners within one another and didn’t need a huge party to show it! The beautiful couple eloped at Cedar Beach Town Park in front of their children and we were lucky enough to capture all the memories.

Since they kept their wedding lowkey, Angela donned a pair of white jeans and a white coat buttoned all the way up (it was pretty chilly that day!). She accented the ensemble with a pair of tan booties. The bride also held a gorgeous bouquet comprised of white flowers and some greenery. As for her husband, Michael wore a pretty standard of black dress pants, a black coat, and black shoes. They were the sight of classy and elegant.

Bride and groom standing on the path among trees
Couple walking along the dock at Cedar Beach Town Park

During their elopement at Cedar Beach Town Park, Angela and Michael brought their children. Taking family photos was such a great time! You could feel the love everyone had for one another. They were also all such great sports in the weather! It can get pretty cold on a beach in the winter!

Couple and their children sitting on rocks at Cedar Beach Town Park
Couple walking on beach with rocks and dock behind them at Cedar Beach Town Park
Groom kissing bride on rocks at Cedar Beach Town Park

We wish the happy couple all the best! Congratulations!

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