By now you must have seen thousands of wedding photos during your wedding planning and research. Now it’s time to better understand your style and preference for your engagement and wedding coverage. To help us get to know you, we need you to create your “mood board.”

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What is a photography mood board?

A mood board is simply a small collection of images you have seen in our blog posts, site, and online. The mood board allows us to get a visual understanding of your style preference.

We want you to pin images that you love. You may love an image for a specific reason such as the edit, the pose, the wardrobe, the lighting, etc. These images allow our entire team, from your wedding coordinator at the studio to your photographer, and our editors to be on the same page in regard to your preferred style.

Moodboard vs Shot List

A Moodboard is NOT a “shot list.”  A “shot list” is a detailed list of must-have shots for the photographer to follow and check off throughout the wedding day. At EXO Photography we discourage any shot lists. Most of the ones you find online include shots that our photographers are trained to capture. A “shot list” also interferes with capturing moments as they happen when the entire crew is focused on the list.

As a side note, on your wedding questionnaire, you will be asked for any specific photos you wish the crew to capture. Anything that is out of the ordinary or very important to you should be listed.

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How to Create a Moodboard for Photography

  1. Create a Pinterest account (or sign into your existing account)
  2. Create a Board called “Wedding Moodboard” (Be sure to leave it public)
  3. Visit the EXO Photography, EXO Photography Blog, and our EXO Pinterest page “Pin” 10-20 images that you like, making sure you add a detailed description of why you like the image.  The majority of your images should come from EXO Photography work. Don’t forget to include images from your venue.
  4. Add in a few more images that you like from around the web (along with descriptive captions).
  5. Once complete, send the Moodboard URL to our wedding coordinator (info@exophotography.com)
  6. The wedding mood board should be submitted about 2 months prior to the wedding. During your wedding timeline call, you will review the mood board, portrait list, and timeline with the EXO’s wedding coordinator.

Moodboard Visual Example

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