Flushing Meadow Park Engagement Session: Miriam & Brendan

Despite a bit of a gloomy day in Flushing Meadow Park, Miriam and Brendan had smiles on their faces for the entirety of their engagement session. 

This pair met during their first year at Hofstra Law School. They had almost every class together but did not talk to one another until the second semester. Miriam and Brendan were preparing for a moot court competition when they finally spoke. Later that semester, more specifically on the last day, Brendan asked Miriam out. However, Miriam believed she was attending a friendly hang out. 

Her assumption was only more and more solidified as Brendan ordered a shrimp salad sandwich. You see, Miriam has a deep-seated aversion to mayonnaise, yet, she refrained from saying anything. When the bill came, Brendan suggested they split it, believing this to be the feminist approach. They proceeded to have drinks at a bar followed by a walk back to their cars only to find parking tickets. 

If there was hope for this couple, there must be hope for anyone as Miriam decided to give Brendan a second chance at a first “real date.” A week later they saw Hunger Games. 

couple sitting on bench
couple sitting on steps at Flushing Meadow Park

Fast forward to February 2017, Miriam was going to Georgia for a six-week work training. Brendan optimized his time by picking out the perfect engagement ring and making travel arrangements. So, Brendan flew all the way down to Georgia to surprise his girlfriend. But, thanks to travel delays, he did not arrive until 11 pm when Miriam was already fast asleep. After a lot of knocking on the door and a few phone calls, Miriam woke up.. Brendan got down on one knee, catching Miriam stunned and speechless. The next morning, the two drove back up to New York, but not without a pit stop in Charlottesville. 

The awesome couple chose to have their engagement session in Flushing Meadow Park because they have lived in Queens for almost 3 years and wanted to portray that in their photos. This seemed like an iconic New York location with the Unisphere as the perfect backdrop. In addition, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom setting a nice tone. While they had a general idea of backdrops, they didn’t have much more planned, “but Josh quickly figured out exactly what to do.” 

We spent the day with Miriam and Brendan, and their dog Ginger, taking some great shots around the park.

couple kissing among the trees in Flushing Meadow Park
couple kissing by the trees in Flushing Meadow Park
soon-to-be-groom holding his soon-to-be-bride
couple with dog in Flushing Meadow Park
couple smiling with their dog
couple sitting by the globe petting their dog
couple kissing with dog posing at Flushing Meadow Park

The soon-to-be bride and groom were very nervous about taking photos, as we find many couples are. However, they found that meeting us for the engagement shoot calmed their nerves before the wedding. “Josh did an amazing job of making us comfortable and to our surprise, found the experience fun.”

We had such a wonderful time in Flushing Meadow Park for Miriam and Brendan’s engagement session! We cannot wait for the wedding!

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