Top 3 Indoor Engagement Locations

There are certain couples, seasons, and reasons why you might choose an indoor location for your engagement shoot and for any of these reasons there are many options on Long Island and the surrounding area that will be equally as incredible as our favorite outdoor spaces.

There are numerous locations in the area that are sure to blow your mind and that have proven to produce some incredible shots from a photography perspective. There are three main picks from our couples that seem to be huge favorites to get your engagement pictures taken indoors.

Metropolitan Building

If you are looking for artistic, elegant, and classy feel then look no further. The Metropolitan Building is the combination of incredible architecture, art, and modern style and is one of the top choices for indoor engagement sessions.

It has three floors with a combination of over 16,000 square feet of some of the most breathtaking pieces of furniture that set a modern and vintage mood all at the same time. Some of it’s most famous features are the windows that reach up to 12 feet tall, the tall ceilings that add extra dimension, and the sophisticated furniture that change the mood in every room and give the couple the perfect framework for a stunning session.

NYC Public Library

This library is good for so many things from the community outreach to the services it provides for many people, but it’s also an excellent choice for an indoor engagement session.

This is one of the best locations for that fairy-tale feeling. The large stone staircases, the tall smooth pillars, and the long hallways are just a few of our favorite elements here. The history of the building itself is fun to photograph with a couple who are dressed in classic attire. There are small details in the NYC Public Library that add to the feel like the floor to ceiling windows and the old-fashioned door handles. Not to mention this is obvious choice for book lovers who want pictures in the cozy aisles.

Grand Central Station

Despite being easily one of the busiest places in the city, it’s truly a fun experience to have your engagement session done here. An engagement session in Grand Central Station can be as fun and wild or elegant and intimate as the couple wants. There are little spots hidden in corners, by stairways, or in the busy lobby that can make for some amazing pictures.

The station is also one of the best places for props with couples who want to show a bit more personality. Using the trains, the booths, and even some of the food vendors in the station add such a fun element that can loosen up the couple and add a more romantic mood to an otherwise impersonal and boring location.

No matter where you choose we have options, advice, and the equipment to make sure your indoor engagement session is one that you will remember forever.

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