Gantry Plaza State Park Engagement Session: Gillian & Brandon

Gillian and Brandon bundled up and braved the cold for a beautiful sunset engagement session at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City. 

The soon-to-be bride and groom didn’t have much of a plan for their engagement photos, they just knew that they wanted them during sunset at this location. So, we took some direction and placed them in the best possible poses with the best possible lighting. 

couple sitting on boardwalk at Gantry Plaza State Park

We walked all around Gantry Plaza State Park stopping under lampposts for a kiss and looking out over the city skyline. You can see all the love these two have for one another in the pictures, it’s amazing! 

couple smiling at Gantry Plaza State Park
couple standing against railing at Gantry Plaza State Park
couple posing against the railing

Gillian decided to wear a heavy light grey coat with a big scarf, blue jeans, brown booties, and a pair of pink gloves. Brandon matched pretty seamlessly in a dark grey jacket, a black scarf, dark blue jeans, brown shoes, and leather gloves. Talk about a match made in heaven! 

couple under the lamppost
couple kissing under lamppost at Gantry Plaza State Park

We had such a wonderful time with this perfect pair, we can only imagine how great the wedding will be! Congratulations on your engagement!

(Psssst…their wedding happened and it was amazing, check it out here)

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