Islip Grange Park Engagement: Ashley and Dominick

Ashley and Dominick, who took their engagement photo shoot at Islip Grange Park, met at a bar a few years ago. Ashley, a bartender at Rhum in Patchogue, always saw Dominick and his friends as they were “regulars”. She would always say hello to them when they were there but not much more than that. Dominick started coming in a lot more and eventually worked up the courage to ask Ashley out on a boat ride on the weekend of July 4th. She was hesitant to say yes because she didn’t really know him, so she told him she’d think about it and they exchanged numbers.

She ended up saying yes to the boat ride and realized he was the kindest man she had ever met, and super easy to talk to.

Couple against old building at Islip Grange Park

So how did he pop the question? He pretended that his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend wanted to go to the KontaKosta wineries. They got all dressed up and the 4 of them drove to Greenport.

Once there, Dominick walked with Ashley down to the water and got down on one knee. She, of course, said yes. Dominick then stood up and whispered in her ear, “there is a surprise waiting for you up there by the tasting room.” Her whole family was up there waiting for them. How cute! They celebrated with wine (duh) and dinner that night.

Couple sitting in the grass at Islip Grange Park
couple kissing
couple against fence at Islip Grange Park

On the day of their engagement shoot at Islip Grange Park, it was very cold out. But, the amazing couple toughened it out for some great pictures!

Ashley and Dominick chose this location because their wedding is on the beach. They love the fall and their wedding is in fall so they needed to create that ambiance by the water. So, they posed among rustic buildings, wooden fences, and fall foliage.

This was their only plan for their engagement photo shoot. All they wanted was that rustic feel, the rest they left up to us! “Nicole was amazing. Very down to earth, funny, and creative!”

couple posing in front of fence at Islip Grange Park
couple standing against old wood building at Islip Grange Park
soon-to-be-groom holding his soon-to-be-bride
couple staring at one another

The pictures Ashley and Dominick posed for at Islip Grange Park came out wonderfully! We can’t wait to capture all the unforgettable moments at their wedding!

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