Long Beach Engagement Session: Erika & Tim

Does it get better than engagement photos on the beach? Yes. Engagement photos on the beach during golden hour! Erika and Tim got it just right when they had their session in Long Beach. 

The beautiful couple dressed perfectly for the occasion. Since it was early September, the weather was still warm enough on the beach at sunset for shorts. Tim wore a white long-sleeve button-down with a pair of tan shorts and white boat shoes. Erika, on the other hand, embraced the summer atmosphere with a yellow romper and silver sandals. It really helped embrace that golden hour, sunset look they were going for. 

We really enjoyed spending the early evening with these two wonderful people. Long Beach is a versatile location so we had the opportunity to get a few different backgrounds. Erika and Tim started off on the sand. They walked along the shore holding hands with the stunning sunset behind them. 

From there, we moved to the boardwalk at Long Beach and welcomed a special guest, their dog! The adorable pup wore a bright pink bandana that said, “Mom said yes!” It’s always fun when couples bring their pets and we certainly allow it! Not only does it show the love the couple has for their pet, but it proves how well they work together! 

couple walking along the beach in Long Beach
couple kissing on the beach at sunset in Long Beach
couple kissing with "I said yes!" written on hand
couple and their dog walking on the boardwalk in Long Beach
couple smiling with their dog
soon-to-be-bride with her dog

After the boardwalk, dusk was upon us. Erika and Tim sat atop the rocks right by the water and spent some time laughing. Their love was palpable. 

The couple headed back over to the sand for a final photo. It was a great ending to a great session! 

We had such an amazing day with Erika and Tim for their beach engagement session in Long Beach. With all the fun we had that day, we cannot even imagine all the fun we will have at the wedding! We are very excited! Congratulations on your engagement!

couple posing on the rock
couple standing on the beach in Long Beach at golden hour

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