Port Jefferson Engagement Session: Rebecca & Stephen

Despite it being the coldest day so far this year, Rebecca (Becky) and Stephen braced the low temperatures for some once-in-a-lifetime engagement photos at Port Jefferson. 

Becky and Stephen met in college. Becky’s best friends and current bridesmaids suggested she go to a date party with a friend of a friend whom she didn’t know. The night of the party, Becky’s class ran late and her friends had to coax her into going within minutes of the party. They let her borrow a dress and helped her do her hair and makeup. 

It was well worth, though, it as Becky and Stephen stood in the corner of the party talking the entire time. It was as if there was no one else in the room. Their friend Emma still brags about her ability to get Becky to the party and setting the two of them up! 

couple holding hands and walking down the boardwalk at Port Jefferson
couple laughing while walking down the boardwalk at Port Jefferson
couple smiling on the boardwalk at Port Jefferson
couple looking at one another on the boardwalk during sunset

A few years later, Stephen was ready to pop the question. Unfortunately, his big plan did not go the way he had hoped. Stephen decided to propose to Becky in California for their 25th birthdays (they’re 3 days apart!). However, each time he planned on getting down on one knee, the moment didn’t feel right. Disneyland felt crowded and the spot where he once asked her to be his girlfriend lacked romance. Even on a boat in San Diego with dolphins jumping and splashing didn’t do it for him. 

On their last night in California, Stephen still had not proposed to the love of his life. Becky had gotten them Dodgers-Red Sox World Series tickets for Stephen’s birthday. He figured the game would start at 5 PM and end at 9 PM. They would be back in time for candles to be lit around his parent’s backyard so he could finally propose. His mom agreed to help so that Becky would have no idea what was going to happen. 

couple standing by the water at Port Jefferson
couple looking at one another and holding hands by the water at Port Jefferson

But, the game went four hours longer than planned. It was the longest World Series in history with 18 innings, a seven-hour and 20-minute game. By the time the game was over, it was past 12:30 AM. He was sure he was not getting Becky to go into the backyard that late. 

As they got home after 1 AM, Stephen opened the door for Becky. That is when she walked into the house and saw candles, roses, candy, and a bottle of wine. At around 9 PM, Stephen asked his mom to move everything inside for them. What a great mother! 

“I don’t think Becky truly realized what was going on until I got down on one knee. She had a shocked look on her face and was still clutching a water bottle from the game. Tears started to form in her eyes as I told her how much I loved her, how amazing and beautiful she is and how I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I asked her if she would marry me, and she said yes.” 

couple sitting on rocks looking into the distance
couple holding each other at sundown
couple kissing under the boardwalk

Becky and Stephen love nature so they wanted a naturally beautiful scene for their engagement shoot and wedding venue. When they found their wedding venue on the North Shore of Long Island. They fell in love with it and knew they were going to do their engagement session in Port Jefferson. It also helped that Port Jefferson allows their four-legged child as well! 

When it came to the actual photos, Becky and Stephen had more of a general idea rather than exact poses picked out. They wanted pictures that were unlike what every couple takes. “We try to live in the moment when we are out and as such do not really frequent social media, so it was really important to us to get some beautiful and more casual photos of us. To say Josh and Nicole got those would be an understatement! All of the pictures came out absolutely stunning and we are so excited to see how well they capture our love on the most special day of our lives.” 

After meeting you two at Port Jefferson, we cannot wait to capture all the unforgettable moments at your wedding! Congratulations on your engagement!

couple smiling with their adorable dog
couple looking at each other on the boardwalk at Port Jefferson

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