Sag Harbor Engagement Photos: Amanda and Kevin

Colorful, cozy and, clearly happy to be together, Kevin and Amanda were so fun to photograph. They have the simple love that you can see just by watching how they interact with each other.
Despite the cooler weather, the images we captured along Sag Harbor of these two were incredible. The way they make eye contact, how he holds her hand, the way she grins ear to ear when he laughs made our lives so much easier. Those emotions, those true emotions, are what we want to capture. Those are the true and natural feelings that a┬ácouple shows each other even whey they aren’t in front of a camera.
Kevin and Amanda are clearly the type that doesn’t mind the weather and it matched their style and personality perfectly. With fun hats, vests, and fur jackets, these two were totally in their element. The Sag Harbor is a great place to walk because it’s full of old buildings with lots of character. It was the best place to bring out the style and happiness of these two.
We enjoyed this engagement session so much and we were honored that they chose us as their photographers. We wish Kevin and Amanda so much joy as they continue their walk through life together.
couple posing by the water couple posing in front of mural wall couple posing by ivy wall couple posing in front of brick building couple in front of brick wall couple kissing in front of brick wall couple holding hands in front of wreath couple kissing under mistletoe couple kissing under mistletoe Couple posing by decorative lights couple holding hands walking down the street Couple on a bench by the water couple kissing in front of christmas tree couple kissing on a bench couple sitting on a dock

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