Two Is Better Than One: 3 Reasons Why You Need A Second Shooter at Your Wedding

They say that two is better than one, but they also say “double trouble.” So when it comes to shooting your wedding, are two really better than one?

The short answer is yes, and there are tons of reasons why you would prefer a photography team to a singular photographer, and the main reason is you. Yes, you, the client, customer, bride or groom who we are photographing.

1. More Attention to Detail

One of the first reasons that should come to mind when choosing a photographer and a second shooter is that they are so much more likely to get all of the detail shots. While one photographer is shooting the wedding parties as they get dressed, get their makeup on, adjust their suspenders, the other is snapping those jaw-dropping detail shots that everyone loves. Placing the rings, shooting the personalized cake, taking shots of the empty reception hall before the noise are all captured while you were elsewhere.

Despite the fact that photographers are total masters of their craft, they cannot be in more than one place at once. The second shooter can stage the invites, the shoes, the ring, and more to get those intimate shots that are happening behind the scenes of the hustle and bustle.

2. Attention and Angles

Getting individual attention and finding the romantics in the wedding day is often difficult with all the hustle and bustle. However, when you have a second shooter, each photographer gets the chance to photograph the bride and groom alone and then together from completely different angles. They will capture the intimate moments in getting ready, the first look, and more and with two shooters, you get different angles of the whole day.

Each photographer will use creative lighting and adjustments to get a completely different image than the other and that adds a whole new dynamic to the day. Every photographer has their own style and abilities and you double the chances of getting jaw-dropping images and attention from every angle during your special day.

3. High Efficiency

The third and final reason to hire a photographer and a second shooter is to have the utmost efficiency. They are there to help get shots that would otherwise be forgotten and those beautiful moments from different angles. One of the most famous examples is when one photographer captures the bride walking down the aisle and the other photographer captures the grooms face from behind the bride. It brings full circle the emotions without missing any of the moments that happen simultaneously.

They can also take candid shots of the family while they sit or sneak into the ceremony area before it fills up or break up the portraits with one shooter taking groomsmen and the other with the bridesmaids. It saves precious time and helps everything run smoothly.  They are going to get images from a different angle and perspective, so all bases are covered. With two shooters, you won’t have to pose a second time or try to recreate a special moment because there will be two cameras ready to capture every single moment of your day.

Photographers are great at what they do, and they will wow you with their shots no matter what but imagine your big day going more smoothly, with more attention to the details, and being coached through your photos to make the most of the time and to make your more comfortable.

That’s what will happen when you decide to add a second shooter to your wedding. Choosing to include a second shooter will make everything go a bit smoother, and by doing so, you are giving the photographers a much better chance to capture the photos that will blow you away.


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