Why You Should Definitely Have an Engagement Session

Well, it finally happened. The question was asked and forever was marked with a ring on your left hand. Engagements are such an exciting time for you and your partner, and now the planning really starts.

The wedding is still at least a few months away, but your engagement session opportunity can come up quickly. So what is all the hype about an engagement session anyway? Some couples cannot wait for their engagement session and others find it daunting and don’t want to do one at all? Why should you?

The Feelings Become Real

Sometimes when a couple gets engaged, it doesn’t seem different. Maybe a few moments of celebration or excitement, but you’re still the same people, right?

While that is correct, one the best parts of an engagement session are giving you and your partner the chance to let that soak in before the wedding day. You get a day (or at least a few hours) dedicated to capturing your love together. We see it happen all the time, the couple might be nervous about the session, but once they are together, holding each other, kissing now and then, they loosen up because it’s just them being in love that we want to capture.

The Memories Last Forever

This session is so important because it’s not the big wedding session. Your wedding day will fly by with so many emotions and so much excitement. An engagement session has no interruptions; it’s just the two of you being together.

This is one of the best parts because not only will the physical memories of that day linger for much longer; the images will too. You can get photographed in your favorite location, and create new memories with your partner in your favorite settings. These physical and emotional memories never fade.

Don’t let fear keep you from getting your engagement pictures done. They are bound to be one of the fondest memories of your early life as a couple who have committed to a lifetime together. Take the time to use this session to let the feelings sink in. From the wedding on, things will get crazy, life will happen faster, and it might be stressful, but your engagement session is one of the last times to soak each other in without the stress, worry, or pressure of the future you will have in store.

For you, engagement sessions are memories that will last forever, not only with the photographs. The feelings you get as you stand on this street, on that beach, or under those stars will stick in your memory for a lifetime.

For photographers, it’s a chance to meet a new couple and get to know them before their big day. After we spend a few hours with a couple, they are no longer strangers and neither are we. We have spent time together and know each other’s personalities. An engagement session gives the photographer the opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship so they can get to know you both individually and as a couple and can help create ease and peace when your big day finally arrives. We learn about you, your interests, your plans, and your love that you share together. 

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