Heckscher State Park Engagement: Christina & Tim

On December 6, 2018, Christina and Tim put on their warm coats and braced the wind for their stunning engagement shoot at Heckscher State Park.

The beautiful couple posed among the fall foliage. Covered in green, orange, red, and yellow leaves, this location was perfect for any fall loving pairs.

Christina had the right idea when she wore a red dress with black tights and a burgundy peacoat. It matched impeccably with her surroundings. When she wasn’t wearing the peacoat, she put on a jean jacket and a black and white scarf. She paired it all with black booties and wore her hair down.

Tim was dressed in dark blue jeans and a long sleeve black shirt with a black peacoat.

Couple walking with fall colors on the pathway
Couple posing at Heckscher Park
Couple leaning against rustic wall at Heckscher Park

As Christina and Tim walked around Heckscher State Park, we snapped pictures of them up against buildings and fences. It had a natural ambiance and was the perfect mix between classy and rustic, any bride’s dream!

We loved doing Christina and Tim’s engagement photos at Heckscher State Park! It was a little chilly out but they were so great! We can’t wait for the wedding!

Couple sitting on steps at Heckscher Park
Couple kissing against fence at Heckscher Park
couple posing in Heckscher Park in black and white
Couple leaning against building
Couple kissing outside building

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